How to check if he loves me or not ???

Love is precious. Science has entered almost all places with such an effective techniques that you can check so many things, but still they cant check the amount of love in one’s heart. It’s a feel. Nothing to do with mind. If mind gets involved in this, there is no LOVE at all. Believe me. Only you can check yourself if you love your partner or not. Only you. Be clear that there is nothing like how much love as it cant be measured in KG or Meters. Either you love someone or you don’t. Love is either there in your heart or not there. That’s all. Its very easy to check. But believe me, once you check this way, you will be in doubt that you really love or not. This is the way.

If you find any person in this world, better than your companion, there is NO LOVE. If you find any person more impressive, cool, dashing, beautiful, intelligent etc etc… there is NO LOVE. You know LOVE is a feel inside your heart. Just a feel. Heart never compares. Mind compares. If you find any person better than your companion in this whole world, means you are comparing. When you compare, mind gets involved. Mind knows all these comparisons. Heart never does this. So when your mind supersedes your heart, there is NO LOVE. When every single moment you live, every breath you take, in every single thought of yours, your just feel that your companion, your love partner, your source of happiness is the best person of this world, then you say there is LOVE.

We face many pressures in our life especially in our teen age when we have to set our goals, work hard to achieve those goals to settle our life. In simple words, we have to ensure source of earning in our life. When we reach teen age, we find ourselves at that place where many people around you give you suggestions about your goals. You yourself wish to be at best place so you start comparing which course or which line is best. Here this phenomenon of comparison enters our life. We start comparing what our friends are doing, what our well wishers are saying, what we are willing to get and this keeps on controlling our basic nature. What you feel is more happy in life ? Ambani brothers who fought with each other at the time of division of their business and their mother Kokila Ben had to interfere to settle all or a rickshaw puller who works from morning till that point where he gets enough money to achieve his daily goal of getting a 250gm desi daaru’s paua ? (I will write about this all in some other Topic soon) When we see a boy or a girl, impressive, say we see a beautiful girl. We easily get attracted, that’s human nature. We actually start this so called Love journey by comparison as we got attracted because of her being more beautiful than some others we see. Comparison was the actual base of your journey. But you didn’t notice. Soon, you approached her, told her about your feelings. She acted same way. Noticed that this boy is dashing, having expensive car or bike, seems cool etc etc. She said YES to that boy. They started meeting, going here and there, spending time with each other, sometimes even went to lonely park as well or if lucky enough, encashed the opportunity of getting one’s room…… Every single moment we kept comparing from inside. Actually the relation of Give and Take started and we still kept comparing. Every single moment, everything in our relation was being controlled by mind and not heart.

So where was the LOVE ? no where. But precisely girls show more feelings, so they start thinking that as I did all in our relation, so he is bound to Love her as per her choice. Means he will do this, wont do this and so on. Son, boy who seemed to be the best lover, started finding himself in cage. Why ? Because again he compared his situation with some another boy he knows. So he starts reacting different way. Shows dis comfort, shows anger and at last runs away. Why this all happened ? Because actually there was NO LOVE. Simply spending time with your partner, doing whatever to get happiness doesn’t mean you LOVE. Love only comes from Heart and Heart never never compares. When no comparison, you LOVE. When you love, there is no comparison. So, just check yourself, if you find someone better than your companion around you ? If yes, tell yourself clearly that it is not LOVE, When you don’t LOVE, never expect that your partner Loves you. Its just a Give and Take relationship you are in. Act accordingly as in Give nd Take relation, sometimes you get less or sometimes you loose all even after giving all. Be prepared for that situation.

LOVE is the purest feel which comes from heart. It has nothing to do with mind. But as this happens by itself, we cant control this ourselves. So just give time to your relation. You cant force yourself to love someone. This comes naturally from inside. Till then, just tell yourself that it’s a Give nd Take relation and as a human being, try your best to get more nd more by giving less nd less. Its human behavior. Love is exactly opposite to it. When you give more nd more without expecting to get anything, its LOVE.

Just enjoy your life and stay happy.

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