I feel guilty of lying to my parents…

Most of the Love birds have to lie to their parents for their love relation as first reaction of every parent is not so positive except that of TV serial parents. Generally we get attracted towards other sex person very early in our age. Say if a girl of 13 years of age, studying in 9th standard tells her mother that she loves that guy. First reaction of mom will be to make you understand that you are not intelligent enough to handle this. Secondly, she will scold you by saying that this is definitely not the age of this for you. Thirdly, that boy, whom she doesn’t even know at all, will be called the most badmash boy of the whole society. Last but not the least, she will give very clear dhamki that she will tell her father about this and she will be sure that her father will beat her as soon as he will listen. This is our general society and the reaction thereafter. Thatswhy LOVE GURU blames parents and other pre generation people for not acting in right manner at that stage. The wrong reaction of those elders puts their child in that situation where that teen becomes very reluctant to share his/her problems resulting in making child more vulnerable to bigger problems.

Parents should always remember that when they were of that teen age, similar thoughts and needs were with them too. What they did at that time ? How their parents responded at that time and what they felt then ? It’s a continuous process which passes from one generation to the next. In 21st century, teens are very smart. Internet, Google dost, ads of Suuny Leone of Man Force condom, movies in which songs like Aaj fir tumpe pyaar aaya hai, these all make sex hormones in teens bodies much more demanding and active. Whats wrong in this ? Science data on net clearly says that if adolescence age was 16 thirty years ago, now it has come down to 13 or even 12. Now, because of all these sources said above, child’s body demands something and the support of parents is most important that time. Like developed countries where mothers explain everything to their daughters at the age of say 10 or 11 and don’t try to tell them to stay away from all these body demands but actually tell them safe methods for all this and surely handle them like close friends. In our country, you wont find many fathers similar to the father in the ad of that perfume in which he smells same perfume when he hugs his daughter next morning as that of a smart guy he meets last night. Now in this world of these kinds of parents, we have to be very very bold to tell about body demands and so called Love relation which we feel at the age of say 13. LOVE GURU never says that parents are wrong or their views and experiences are wrong. LOVE GURU says that many parents don’t know how to handle these situations and how to discuss all with the teens of this age. In 1960’s, most favorable and easy way parents felt was to beat the child and just be more and more strict to them clearly ensuring that child should feel that he or she has done a blunder and they have to face the consequences. Now the time has changed. Teens have strong feel in them that they know everything. They have a very aggressive nature. They feel more comfortable to discuss these things with their friends of same age. Same age friends have same thoughts so they support their views. This way the teens actually become more prone to problems. Teens are bound to lie to their parents as they feel that parents wont understand their view or parents will just show anger. Parents must start developing a true friend kind of relation with their children as soon as they reach the age of say 10 or 11. Parents must know that teens of new age favor and accept friend kind of parents rather than a parent who just shows anger to them. Teens now put so many questions, many of them relevant in fact, and they expect that parents must answer and explain to them. These teens are not the teens of 60’s or 70’s where just the eye of father was strong enough to keep child silent. Teens have every right to ask about their doubts. Parents must answer them truly and practically. Teens never wish to lie to their parents provided parents are like friends to them. LOVE GURU suggests every parent and Teen to build a very strong relation between them as that is the need of the time. Experience of older people is like a gem to teens of this age. Don’t catch the words of each other and just be like friends. This will surely make their life more safe and enjoyable.

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