Is it wrong to love more than one person at a time ???

This is very common now a days. First we should understand why we love someone ? We love someone for different different reasons depending upon person to person. One girl may love one boy to show to her age mates that she has a bf. These girls have this phenomenon in their mind that more boys behind a girl means she is more valued or more beautiful or she is superior to other girls. Some other girl may love two boys at a time. One maybe really caring or maybe very dashing and second boy might be rich. Don’t forget this truth that one can buy at least 70% of the required happiness by money. LOVE GURU says that True Love is very very rare now a days. If someone gets true love, he or she is the most lucky person in this world. Happiness given by true lover is above all others. But true love is scarce, really scarce. Many boys and girls don’t even know what is the meaning of true love. This is also one of the reasons of this being scarce. Now a days, reality is that we love or make bfs or gfs to make us happy. Now some people need money to be happy and that demand of money is fulfilled by a rich bf or gf. Some teens need a person with whom they can roam here and there, watch movies, enjoy life. Some teens require some one to fulfill the need of their body so they find a partner for this. Demands of different people evolve different reasons to fall in love. Believe me, trend of keeping more than one bf or gf at one time is becoming more and more common now a days. Think practical. If a girl in school or college starts loving a boy of her age, he can definitely go with her here and there, can watch movies etc. But he wont have enough money as he would be in the same boat as that of girl. He would also be studying, will be getting a limited pocket money from his parents. So he cant really fulfill the demands of his gf. She may ask for any expensive mobile or anything expensive. From where that boy will get that much money ? So this is one of the reasons that teen age girls and boys have more than one lover at one time. One lover will surely be rich to handle these demands in which money is needed. Exact Give nd Take kind of relation. That rich boy will surely demand some thing from his gf in return. Many a girls fulfill their bfs those demands and this relation goes smooth till both of them want this. We love so that we remain happy. So simple. If luckily, a teen finds a lover who is caring, loving and rich enough to handle money matters as well, then he or she should consider themselves as one of the most lucky persons of this world. LOVE GURU says that Love means which gives you happiness. Whatever you need, if love gives you that, then its love. Bitter truth is that not even 1% of love relations between the same age teens are successful. Strong reason is there for their failure. If a girls starts love relation with same age teen, say when she will be 23 yrs of age, boy will also be 23. Not many boys are forced to marry at the age of 23 especially when they have not settled themselves economically in their life. The competition is so hard now that its very difficult to get settled at the age of 23. But for a girl, this age is that age when parents will start forcing the girl to marry. They will have their own reasons. Bari ho jayegi to larka nahin aadmi milega. Bahut ho gayi parayi. Shadi kar aur apne ghar ja type of reasons. Thatswhy very very few teen age love relations reach marriage scenario. So being practical, we should understand the love relations of teen age are just temporary. So one should choose that lover who can fulfill all the demands of his or her partner. If that’s not the case, simply switch to other one. Having more than one lover is not wrong in today’s world as even more than one is also temporary. LOVE GURU says that its better to enjoy life to its fullest in love relationship at teens age as later part of life is more demanding, having more challenges, more adjustments are required then. So why surrender happiness in teen age too ? Then when will you be happy ? Never under estimate the value of happiness in your life. Whenever you get a chance to be happy, grab that opportunity. LOVE GURU doesn’t suggest to always have more than one lover at a time but its better to look at the things which make you happy. Now if you get that complete happiness from one lover, just have one. Otherwise have more than one. You are born in this world to be happy. Live this part of your life the way you want. Believe me, these memories of teen age will help you to make you happy in some hard and sad moments of later part of your age. Just be happy now.

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