Is Love an obstacle in studies ???

University student looking tired while studying

In our life, we think two ways. Positive and negative. Same way most of the things have many different impacts or options in it. One can cut vegetable with a knife while other can use it to kill someone. Whats the fault of knife in this ? Just the way of thinking is different. Love can be your power and a big weakness same time. Just thinking is different. When we love someone, many a times we miss him or her every day. If we don’t miss, surely there is no love. Who studies 24 hours a day ? No one. Like we give part of those 24 hours to sleep, bathing, food etc etc.. same way we should give time to love. Now the problem is that if we start eating, giving 15 mins to say breakfast, we eat and then we don’t think again and again about eating. Once gave 15 mins to breakfast, used those 15 mins, then that is over. In love, we just cant fix time that these 30 mins are for love and then no thought of partner would come in mind or you wont miss him after that. So love time can’t be fixed. But this is also true that you don’t miss your partner all 24 hours. When you do some other works, you put your mind in those too.

LOVE GURU says that love is never an obstacle in studies. Now, how to control all this ? Why control ? Why you need to control at all ? Even most genius person needs to refresh his mind after studies. Refreshment energizes our mind and we can study with full power after every refreshment. So take the thoughts of love as refreshment. You study one question and then maybe you think of your love, whats the problem ? That thought will certainly ease the pressure of studies in your mind and once you think of love for say 2 mins during studies, it will make you feel cool and will energize you for sure. So Love can surely help you to perform better in studies. Use your love as your push to studies, your source of energy to study better. You just have to set time at which you will talk to or chat with your partner. You must make him aware that from this to this time, you will study. Also make it clear to you first and then to your lover that studies are also very important to you. During studies, if thoughts of your lover come to your mind for a while, just enjoy that fraction of time. Don’t just force you to not to think about him at all during studies. Love is a power. A true lover will always understand that he or she should be the support to his or her lover in all fields including studies or in achieving goals of life. Eating something meetha then namkeen then meetha will be more tasty rather than just having meetha nd meetha nd meetha. Sameway, if you just love nd love nd love whole day, love will become tasteless. Its worth will become less in your life. Love then studies then love then other general works then love…. This is the best way to enjoy love in your life. Love is similar to a salt in a vegetable. Even if you put all ingredients in that, if salt is not there, vegetable will never be tasty. Sameway, love is very important in our dish of life. If you put love more than the requirement, dish of life wont be good at all. Just a balance is needed. LOVE GURU says that “Love is the most powerful weapon to kill all obstacles in your progress”. Just think this way. Enjoy love to its fullest.

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