Never choose your lover, superior to you, especially in looks

LOVE GURU says that you should not choose your love partner superior to you. Not in looks especially. Never. Rich people never value other rich people. Same way, a more handsome or more impressive boy will never value his less impressive gf and vice versa. This is the truth of 21st century. Generally we do the exact opposite to this. You have to understand that not more than 5% of love relations of teens age actually reach the destination of marriage now a days. So there is every chance that your love relation may also fall in 95% category. Just think practical. You can only enjoy the love to its fullest when you are practical. Have you seen some cricketer like Tendulkar or Virat playing cricket ? They start their innings from zero always and first they make a target of say 25 runs. Once they achieve that, then they make next target of 50 then 75 then finally 100 and so on. Same way, love relation must go in one’s life. Never ever think the very first second after you just said YES to a boy or a girl that he or she will be your life partner. How can you think this when you just got attracted towards a person of opposite sex and just started your love journey. Criteria of choosing a lover in school or college age is very simple. Boy is dashing or girl is beautiful, just say YES. But its very difficult to do the same in choosing a person for marriage as that is a full life decision. Its much easier to breakup with your lover if you just don’t like that relation. Maybe some days of sadness and then all normal. But that’s not true in the matter of marriage. So LOVE GURU says to be practical in love relations first. First just stay like friends, try to understand your partner. Once you feel that there are some similarities in both of you, then go ahead with next target of seeing your partner at economic front. Once that also seems OK, then plan next level which maybe analyzing both families, their back ground etc etc. So go ahead slowly in your love relation. Just enjoy love moments. Live them in yourself. Just stay happy. Do what you want. If your partner is less impressive than you in looks etc, he or she will surely value you. LOVE GURU firmly believes that a little fear of loosing someone always keeps a person away from mistakes. A less impressive person will always feel that fear. So will surely value you more. If a person values you, then only he will care more, love more and of course listen to you more. Less impressive partner will think 100 times before ditching you. He or she wont have many options to switch to next partner. So he or she will stay with you for longer period. That is really necessary to enjoy love. A bond is to be formed between the lovers and that needs a certain amount of time. LOVE GURU doesn’t believe in LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT concept as that is impractical. Same as a lover says to his gf that I can bring stars for you and …. These all are impractical sayings. Just be practical in love relation. That is needed to enjoy love. LOVE GURU doesn’t mean that you should be prepared to ditch your partner. Being practical assures your happiness. What we need from our Love ? Happy moments. Those precious moments. So, never ever choose your partner more dashing than yourself. Ensure that your partner values you. Then only you will be happy.

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