Should I Breakup ???

What is breakup ? When you Love someone, you feel happy. Everything is going well. LOVE GURU says that the world of LOVE seems best only when you add fantasies to it. Love is best enjoyed when you take yourself in the world of imaginations, world which actually never exists, just in stories. Like you imagine that there is a big big palace, big garden full of flowers, butterflies everywhere, white birds flying, your Love is riding on a white horse,  coming towards you, gets down, bends on the knees, touches your hand and kisses….. Even if you are the most practical person of this world, this will surely give you happiness. That little moment will stay in your heart for a long time. LOVE GURU suggests every lover to go into that imaginary fantasy world after a certain period of time. But there is a problem. When you think of fantasies, you start expecting more from your partner. Fantasy world has nothing common to real world. Here starts the problem. We have to accept that money plays a big role in any relation. Money can buy more than 70% of happiness in our life. If a boy gives gifts to his lover, she will definitely be happy. Giving gifts gets associated with amount of Love in today’s world. More gifts means more love. If lover is not so rich, how he will give gifts ? How he will prove that he loves ? Bitter truth is that no one can enter anyone’s heart to see inside. We easily get influenced by others. If a girl’s friend got an expensive gift from her bf, that girl also starts expecting the same. If her bf couldn’t match that, the girl starts feeling that she is getting something less than others. Here starts the problem. Maybe that girl is getting less care or attention compared to this girl but our way of analyzing love is based on gifts that time. Gifts can surely give happiness but these are not the only way to prove that you Love.

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Feel of breakup starts from this junction where we start feeling or telling ourselves that we are getting something less than others. Why we get less when we are perfect ? We are never ready for getting less than others. LOVE GURU again says, getting less feel means comparison, which means involvement of brain, means NO LOVE. When you don’t Love and expect Love from your partner, how will you get that ? We are our best judge. Look inside yourself first and then see what you are giving and what you are getting. Present Love relations are truly based on Give nd Take scenario. Either start giving more or stop expecting more. So simple. But very difficult to adopt. Value and impact of breakup is very minute now a days. We are already prepared to shift. Now a days breakup doesn’t mean feel of loosing the whole world. No skipping of food. No tears. Just a feel as a human that a person who was part of our attention will now be away. No more attention to him or her. This change sometimes causes a little unhappiness but that is not so powerful as to disturb us in a big way. We, the new generation Lovers are strong and practical enough to face these consequences and capable enough to move forward. Love Guru says that breakup is nothing big but a shift from a non happy situation to more happy situation. We feel that we wont be happy with our companion so we switch off from that relation. Nothing wrong in this. We have every right to be happy and whatever obstacle we find, we should move away from there and make a way to reach the goal of being happy. We have to accept that generally the Love relations we have in our teen age are never practical enough to reach marriage scenario. So why worry so much ? Live the Love relation more practically. Spend time, watch movies, roam here nd there, exchange gifts, do whatever gives you happiness and just keep analyzing if you are happy ? anytime you feel that this Love relation is becoming a source of sadness or creating a trouble into your normal life, you should try your best to resolve those issues. But even after all your efforts, you still cant be happy just Breakup. Being practical and ensuring happiness in your life is never wrong at all. This is your right too.

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