Love Guru says :

It’s a very simple concept but has been made so confusing by some intellectuals (jyada dimag waale). When we are hungry, do we think so much that “ Should I eat with my bf ?”. Certainly not. We simply say, Feeling hungry, lets go and eat something yaar. Who made hunger ? God. If we are hungry, we have to eat. Same way, after adolescence, who made hunger of love making (Sex to be precise) in our body ? God. Then why we think so much ? Why cant say to our bf ki yaar man kar raha hai, chal na. (feels a little funny but its really OK). You know, world’s unofficial data confirms that in Europe, 78% of girls loose virginity at the age of 13. Do Europe not progress ? Is there any problem arising due to this all at the age of 13 ? Definitely NO. In fact they progress faster than us. Less rapes are there than our country. Mothers of girls of age 13 or near tell them all about sex and guide them as how to enjoy it safely. Safely there doesn’t mean ki wo sab safe rakhna, wo sab sirf pati ke liye.. Safely there means to use Condoms and pills etc. So that they enjoy without fear of being pregnant or something. Age of two things have changed considerably which somehow is the root cause of this. Adolescence age has gone down as sex hormones are found to be active at the age of around 11 so demand of body starts quite early. At this age, teens visit sites on internet, try to get information from unreliable sources available to them. Secondly, targets of teens to settle their lives economically has delayed the age of marriage. These two differences arose in these two ages has increased the gap. Now teens’ age to cop up with his or her body’s demands and socially the age where they get licence from society to fulfill their demands of body, called marriage, this gap has increased considerably. So they have to wait much longer to have sex in their life. Now many of the teens keep fighting with them again and again to stop them to have sex and force themselves to wait till marriage for all this. But many of the teens find it comfortable and relevant to do this as their body demands. In this world, different people have different thoughts about a single matter. Still there is no authentic proof available as yet about the outcomes of both different thoughts of teens. LOVE GURU believes that even if demand of body can be understood easily but still many risks are there in our society as here and there we can easily hear the news about a boy making video and then black mailing the girl to upload that video on social media etc. LOVE GURU says that it is not easy finding a partner who could just understand that it is just the need of body and it is to be done with full faith and honesty. So teens must put the safety of themselves at utmost preference.
Osho (the so called God of Love), said that the time you reach the peak of sex (orgasm), the feel is exactly equal to the feel of happiness while meeting God. Our society didn’t accept his theory of Sex and Love. Now, in 2017, we are advanced really. We have every right to enjoy. But young boys nd girls must not forget that our culture has its own moral values. Sometimes, we just wish to change the old culture just to show that we are new generation and are much more advanced. LOVE GURU never provokes or encourages anyone to do Sex this way. Every person has his own perception and he or she should think according to that and then decide what to do or what not to do. LOVE GURU says that if you take any decision in your life, consider every aspect directly or indirectly related to that decision. Sex in Love relation is not mandatory but it is also not so big topic to fear about. It is totally personal requirement of a particular person, his or her body’s requirement. If anyone wants to have sex in love relation, its ok provided it is safe in all respects. If Sex gives pleasure to some (waise to sabko hi pleasure milta hai issey), we should have sex for sure.

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