Value of Gifts in Love relations

LOVE GURU says that Love is best enjoyed when you take yourself in fantasy world. Real world is full of tensions, problems, challenges and failures as well. Sometimes we just target that which is not actually for us, so we mostly fail in that. Its very important to set those goals in your life which are meant for you. In teens age, no one actually can see that way. So many a times teens choose and set those targets which surely can’t be achieved by them so there is always a very strong possibility of failure. Who wants to fail ? No one. These failures make us feel the reality of life. Reality is really not as beautiful as seen in movies where a beggar becomes a millionaire in 5 mins. Truth is just opposite to this.

Now, how to enjoy love in this world ? LOVE GURU says, get into the habit of feeling yourself in fantasy world. Imagine that you are most beautiful or most handsome person on this earth. Everyone wants to be with you. You have every thing in your life. Your lover can die for you. He brings many many gifts for you, no matter how expensive they are. You are loved the most by your lover. This all is actually a fantasy world. World of imaginations. Where you can imagine anything you wish. Reality has nothing to do with it. This world of fantasies is felt the most when your lover brings gifts for you. In reality too, if our lover gives gifts to us, we feel very happy. There are many reasons for this happiness. First you get to know that you are different and special in your lover’s eyes. He spent lots of time and in fact money to get that gift for you. He would have thought many times before choosing that gift. He should have recalled your likes and dislikes in his mind before buying that gift. Last but not the least, he is really willing to make you happy. So he has chosen that gift for you. Love is only there when you are happy. If love gives you tensions and sadness, there is NO LOVE.

So, LOVE GURU says that lovers should give gifts to each other. Just don’t wait for some special day. When you are in love, every day is special to you. Every moment is so special to you. Just keep giving gifts to each other. Don’t actually think much about money. Gift is a gift. When you are not with him or her, that gift will remind her about you. Love bonding will be more strong. So, just involve gifts in your love life. Gifts some times can say much more than what you can say talking to her. Gifts can take you to feel as you are in that fantasy world. Just give as many gifts to your partner as you can. Create a strong love bonding by giving gifts. Enjoy your love relation to its fullest. Stay happy.

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