What if I love a person of much older age ???

Love never cares for age, money, color, cast, looks….. Love is above all. One can love any one. Rich can love a middle class. Beautiful girl can love an ordinary looking boy. One can love anyone of very less age or much older person. Love just happens. Different people find different reasons to fall in love with someone. Maybe one boy or a girl feels that he or she is prone to problems of life cauz he or she has no experience of life. So he or she might find a person near them who is maybe older to them but he or she finds a confidence when they are near that person. They start feeling secure in company of that person. Being old or young is not a crime at all. If one boy starts loving a lady for this simple reason that he feels comfort and secure in her company, so whats wrong in that ? Many a girls , now a days, have started showing interest in persons much older to them. Practically, there are some hidden reasons too. This is dam truth that a person of much bigger age is much more economically sound, much more stable, much more experienced and confident in handling day to day problems and last but not the least, the person much older to a teen can give that kind of pleasure and satisfaction which a similar age teen can never give. In fact, the experienced person knows exactly what they should do, what not, what is good, what is risky etc.. of all doings. So this too is one of the reasons that especially girls of teen age are showing keen interest in loving a much older person. So, different people find different reasons to love some one.

LOVE GURU says that Love has nothing to do with all these criteria. One can love anyone, any time, of any age, religion or cast. In today’s world, most of the teens need all kinds of support while finding answers to their questions, may it be related to their studies, nature or love. Experienced persons are their need of hour. Love should be in your life to give you happiness. You must be happy. Leave all other things. Just love and stay happy.

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