What u cant get from same age lover? The Bitter truth…

Most of us actually don’t know as why we love someone or what we need from a lover ? We just follow the trend. Some years earlier, the wish to have a lover could generate in a teens mind when he or she would leave the school and will enter the college arena. Time has changed now. Now even in school age, say 12 or 13, teens’ heart starts to feel the desire of love. My friend have bf so I should have. My friend has gf, so why don’t I have ? Teens just follow each other. But the question is, why we need a lover ? What should be the criteria to choose your lover ? Most of us actually don’t have the answer to this question. LOVE GURU says that at the age of 12 or 13, we actually don’t know the meaning of love. Love is a very deep feel. At that age, we really don’t know anything about love. It is simply a kind of attraction towards opposite sex. Criteria generally is that bf must be handsome, good looking, polite….. If all girls will need handsome boys as their lovers, then where the hell the normal looking boys will go ? Same way, if every boy will need hot, beautiful, charming girl, where those girls will find love who are not so beautiful ? Another major criteria is that whom I love, he or she must be loyal. What is the definition of loyalty at that age of limited knowledge ? Ideally, if you are with your bf, sharing thoughts, feelings and suddenly a more beautiful girl passes by and your bf just for a second sees to that girl and just a very normal feeling comes to his mind that she is so beautiful, the loyalty vanishes there and then. By the grace of God, no one is ideal on this earth.

LOVE GURU says that first teens should understand as why they need lover ? If I am just trying to find a lover because I have to show to my friends that I too have that dashing person in my life, then I am wrong. Love at this teen age is nothing but an attraction. Attraction too creates feelings. But whatever creates feelings is not Love. We surely think much about our lover and that creates feelings, desires to meet again and again, generates happiness in his or her company. That all gives happiness. So finally we come to one conclusion that we need lover to give us happiness. There is every chance that if a person you choose as your lover is of similar age, he or she will look good with you at that age but surely there is negligible chance that he or she will stay with you whole life, I mean very less chance to get married. So another conclusion is that these love relations are of short duration. So what to do now ?

LOVE GURU says that it is really a bitter truth that having a lover of much elder age to you is much better and practical than choosing a lover of same age. Teens actually lack maturity which is really needed in getting happiness in life. Many a matters can be easily solved provided you have maturity to handle them. Maturity comes with age as more you live, more experiences you get. Experiences make you mature. Teens don’t have maturity. Same age lover surely will be better looking than an older lover but LOVE GURU says that maturity has no comparison with looks. Looks are short lived. Maturity is Diamond if looks are silver. But teens at their age don’t know the value of maturity. If you suggest a 20 years old girl to have lover of say 35 or 40, she will surely slap you. Because she needs happiness but at her age, she doesn’t know who will give her more happiness. Same age lover wont be able to handle the challenges of life as he or she too will be of same mind set. Same age lover wont have enough money as he too will be getting small pocket money from his parents. Money surely can buy lots of happiness. LOVE GURU says that same age teen lover will have better looks. It will be easy to introduce him or her to your friends. While thinking of some movie love stories, you will find it much easier to imagine that both of you are actually there in that love story. In all, same age teen lover will be the source of small small happiness. Happiness of small duration. On the other hand, a much older age lover will be the source of long lasting happiness. His or her maturity will hold your happiness for a much longer time. Maturity of your lover will help you to take keen decisions of your life may it be the selection of your goals or whatsoever. His money will surely be one of the source of continuous happiness to you. He will be more experienced in love making too. Not many of us accept that we need that happiness too. But it is true for all. Now mature partner knows much more than same age lover. All this is much more safe if mature lover you have. Same age lover and mature age lover, both will stay in your life for a small time. But much elder lover will give you much more stability and happiness because of his maturity.

LOVE GURU says that its not very easy to accept the BITTER TRUTHS of life. But those who accept these, enjoy life fully. Don’t think much about what others will say or think. Live life for yourself only. Try to make you happy, every single second you live. Happiness is above all.

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