Will my lover marry me ???

What is the difference in getting LOVE nd getting married ? So simple. Love is a very very personal matter, nothing to do with society. On contrary, Marriage is more related to society (samaaj). We love someone or not, it is totally related to our thought and requirement. We require Love in our life or not is totally our decision. Not same in the case of marriage. Society insists us to get married and even start forcing us after a certain age. Love has nothing to do with age. Anyone can love anyone at any age. When a girl finds a lover in her life, even at the age of say 16, the first thought which comes to her mind is, Will he marry me ? Now girls too have changed a bit but still much percentage of girls feel that Love is the starting point and the final destination is Marriage. Why this comes to their mind ? Love has nothing to do with marriage. A single moment of true love is enough to live whole life happily but a full life is short sometimes to get some moments of true happiness (leave apart those moments spent on bed as that gives happiness to all). Marriage means you have to stay whole life with that person whom you actually don’t know at all. Marriage of course is the social need of the society. Why cant we enjoy Love only ? Whats the problem in that ? Why correlate LOVE nd MARRIAGE ? Love is the feel coming out from the soul of heart. Heart never thinks so Love happens without thinking. No brain involved in Love but brain of lots of people is involved when talk about marriage of some one.

You are lucky if you get Love in your life. Getting Love means finding a person with whom you feel happy. You feel comfortable. You wish to spend more time with that person. Love nd happiness are directly related. Exactly directly related. Marriage too gives happiness but you have to pay for that happiness by adjusting yourself in new house, with new relations and you have to perform in such a way there that people around you adopt you as their family member. Once you perform as per their expectations, then happiness starts coming. Love starts giving happiness the same moment you start loving. Love doesn’t demand anything from you but just Love. You have nothing to prove to anyone that you are eligible for happiness. So why correlate Love with marriage. When you get Love, just Love and enjoy and stay happy. Marriage is surely a very big concept as that is related to your whole life. Believe me, once you decide that you will marry that particular person, that is the biggest Gamble of your life. May God bless you and you get the right companion and then your life goes well but if that doesn’t happen, you are the biggest looser as you loose all your mental peace and most required and most precious Happiness. Adjustment can never yield happiness. If you sacrifice something, you never get satisfied with what you get in return. Marriage certainly needs adjustments and sacrifices.

So never ever think that the person you are in love will marry you or not. Just enjoy every single moment of Love. Stay happy. You can Love anyone younger or elder, black or white, beautiful or not, rich or not. For marriage, these all things are considered seriously not only by you but many more near you. Talking practical, money has a big role in marriage as you will wish to marry a settled person economically as after marriage you have to enjoy that money. In Love, money still has its role as with money you can buy gifts for your partner to make her/him happy. But still Love doesn’t depend on one’s earnings for sure.

Value the Love time as still many people are there who cant get love in their life.

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